Step into a Tgirl Virtual Reality

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Today I was in the mood for girls packing something a little extra. I decided to check out to see what offers they were running and found a great one for Tranz VR.

By now, most of you probably know that VR stands for virtual reality. In my opinion, it has been one of the most exciting advances in adult entertainment. Being able to watch porn so up close is the best kind of mind fuck. For me, VR porn is best when it isn’t the only way you watch. I get burned out on it when I watch it every day and it starts lessening my enjoyment of other types of porn. I find that a few times a week is the best way for me to get my VR fuck fix. This 51% off discount from Tranz VR is perfect for that.

The scene with South American shemale, Caroline Martins, is easily one of my favorites. Caroline is extremely sexy. She doesn’t have the big balloon tits that some other Tgirls opt for. Instead, she keeps her perky naturals and lets her confidence and sweetness work magic over you.