Everything’s Awesome Beyond Their Name

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Fucked if I know why you would pick a name as retarded as Ba Doink VR to a site as amazing as this. My immediate and instinctive thought when I saw the name was that it’s some backyard B-grade bunch of low-life and no IQ guys trying to make a quick buck in the VR porn market. I could not have been any more wrong nor could I have been any more relieved.

Apparently it is an award winning site and with the competition as stiff as it has become in the virtual reality scene that says a lot. Truth be told I wasn’t surprised when I found out about their award winning status as by then I had spent a bit of time in the site as member already and my mind was blown.

I can not begin to recommend this enough, The VR visual entertainment market is taking over as the staple format and very soon no new technology will be developed into what we currently might for the moment consider conventional porn.

How’s this for a little more encouragement: Join with this Badoink VR discount offer for 77% off.