The Most Potent Of Them All

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I’m totally going to show my age here in such a big way but when I was very young I totally fell in love with the game Rogue. Yes the original. And it would have been at this point that I may have lost the majority of you if it wasn’t for a game that is still popular today called Dwarf Fortress.

The two mentioned games are both sport ASCII graphics, or the total lack of graphics and even if you’re using a graphics pack for Dwarf Fortress it really is very basic still leaving it all to your imagination and that is the point I am getting at to have made a short story long.

Your imagination is the most potent GPU of them all. I have experienced more immersion in bot of these games than any other because you are completely dependant on your mind forming the scenery and it is just so much better at it that anything else.

The same goes for reading and that is why porn literature is so underrated. Check out this big list of sex story sites and do give it a try, you won;t be disappointed.