Looking Up in Lust

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Even at my age I couldn’t grasp the fascination with girls looking up at a guy while giving him a blowjob and I think I now finally get it and I do in large part because I now finally get why I never got it before.

Generally speaking I am convinced that most guys in the porn industry have got a bit of a screw loose. They are more often than not narcissistic and perhaps more often than one might think somewhat psychopathic. So often have I seen these guys tell a girl to look at them while sucking their dick and this was clearly a dominance thing. They feel powerful by doing that, a very weak character trait and it actually pissed me off.

And then I saw this pic and ones similar to it, where the guy did not ask her to and the way she is looking at him is not because she is being dominated but because she is lusting for him. A woman wanting you because she wants you, now that is sexy.

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