Her smiles are all about putting herself first

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Satisfaction is something that so many of us strive to achieve. We go out of our way to please others just hoping that it is going to get us what we want. This is all fine and dandy if you’re happy to go through life making sure that others are always happy while you get nothing in return, but are we not all sick of that by now?

I’m not one to start a movement but part of me always feels that it is our time to stand up and get our own little slice of all the Free Porn Pleasure that so many others always seem to be getting.

My buddy is one such guy. He always expects me to give him advice and help him out when he needs it but what about when I do? that’s right I never get any help from him because he is a taker not a giver. I have had enough of that and I for one am making a stand to get my xxx fuck online well before anyone else beats me to it!