The Most Potent Of Them All

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I’m totally going to show my age here in such a big way but when I was very young I totally fell in love with the game Rogue. Yes the original. And it would have been at this point that I may have lost the majority of you if it wasn’t for a game that is still popular today called Dwarf Fortress.

The two mentioned games are both sport ASCII graphics, or the total lack of graphics and even if you’re using a graphics pack for Dwarf Fortress it really is very basic still leaving it all to your imagination and that is the point I am getting at to have made a short story long.

Your imagination is the most potent GPU of them all. I have experienced more immersion in bot of these games than any other because you are completely dependant on your mind forming the scenery and it is just so much better at it that anything else.

The same goes for reading and that is why porn literature is so underrated. Check out this big list of sex story sites and do give it a try, you won;t be disappointed.

Everyone Deserves Good Porn

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Honestly She’s Really Anal

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Seduced By Stepdaughters

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Hot teen babes are always down for a good time, especially when they have an older gentleman to dream about. Sometimes I think they just know the boys their age just aren’t cutting it and they need an older man to help guide them as they explore new levels of sexuality. And when they have a sexy stepdad at their disposal, who can blame them for wanting to take advantage of it?

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Exclusive Uncensored Hentai Porn

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If hentai porn is your thing, then you’re in the right place. You can even take advantage of this Hentai Pros discount access with 67% off, and see just what I’m talking about. If you’re an avid viewer of this genre, then you’re probably well aware of how most sites just toss their content around. It’s never exclusive, so it just runs on repeat. The porn you do get to see is most censored as well. Even though it’s animated, you still don’t get to see the money shots. That’s the whole point of watching.

Viewers will get to enjoy top-notch animation that features raunchy hardcore action including titjobs, blowjobs, pussy licking, hardcore fucking, intense group sex and much more. If you’re the kind of guy that enjoys following the dialogue, don’t worry, most of them have English subtitles. Although I’m a firm believer, you’ll be able to follow along either way. Right now there are 115+ videos to enjoy. You won’t find a better deal on a site like this that features exclusive uncensored hardcore hentai porn.


Daddys little girl has some serious issues!

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I’ve been hearing people talking about this stepfamily sex for quite a few months now. Up until last night I never really understood why it would be so hot. I decided it was about time that I saw what all the fuss was about. This is the moment that my eyes truly opened and all of a sudden I could see why Filf sex was such a mind-blowing experience.

We’ve all got a kinky fantasy inside our minds and for the most part, we know we’ll never really get to act on them. I’d be lying if I said my fantasy was to have my stepdaughter suck my cock dry, yet after seeing what those girls were willing to do it’s actually starting to cross my mind.

I’ll put those thoughts to the back of my head and just enjoy what is right before my eyes. I could talk all day long about these lucky fathers getting their cocks wet and banged by some seriously cute girl that all seem to have daddy issues. The real proof in the pudding can be found by someone such as yourself as you experience it for yourself. Be ready for anything and trust me I do mean anything!

Can She Take That Whole Cock?

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Looking for more excuses to cum? Aren’t we all? You could get a hotter girlfriend or boyfriend, but we can’t always find one. Well, that’s why porn is so convenient. You don’t have to cheat on anyone, find a prostitute, or join a sex cult. All you need is an internet connection and a great porn site.

You’re going to love Hands On Hardcore. How could you not? It’s the perfect site to enjoy the world’s hottest hardcore anal sex (i.e. brutal ass fucking). It’s amazing to see those giant cocks ramming those tight fuck-holes. And the girls are some of the most gorgeous sluts I’ve seen in such a long time. But what I really appreciate is the crystal clear 4K quality videos.

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I’ve Never Seen A Title So Fitting

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I’ve never come across a site that has a better fitting name in all my years of watching porn. Everyone that appears on this site is an absolute nymphomaniac. Their sexual appetites are like nothing I’ve ever seen. Viewers won’t find a lot of scripts or seduction. These videos get straight to the point.

Right now viewers can take advantage of this discount for 34% in savings and see what you’ve been missing out on. This site is perfect for when I’m in a hurry and just need to rub one out real quick. It doesn’t take me long to get hot and bothered watching these sexy babes getting down to work. They sure do know how to finish a guy off too. And I’m not just talking about their partners on the screen. I struggle holding my load while I’m watching. It’s definitely the kind of site that I grab my favorite lube before I even sit down to watch. You’ll be telling your friends about this hardcore action.

Kinky readers wives like exposing themselves

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It doesn’t matter how kinky you think you are, there is always going to be someone or even something that is going to put you to shame. I’ve found that goes for most things in this world. I always thought I was the best at making women laugh, but trust me there are far more funny men out there than myself.

I swear some of the Readers Wives UK women are right up there with the craziest, kinkiest bitches online. Take the wife that likes to fuck herself in the garden with vegetables, like wtf? I bet her husband is wondering just what she is going to use next to fuck that cock hungry pussy.

It’s action like that though that can be an instant turn on. Sure, it mightn’t get you going but trust me there are many men looking at her right now thinking they’d love to tap her deep and hard. In general, that’s what life is all about. Just be yourself and I’m sure all those kinky wives will be lining up to devour your cock. Make sure that you get them to beg for it first, don’t be too easy if you know what I mean!

Step into a Tgirl Virtual Reality

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Today I was in the mood for girls packing something a little extra. I decided to check out to see what offers they were running and found a great one for Tranz VR.

By now, most of you probably know that VR stands for virtual reality. In my opinion, it has been one of the most exciting advances in adult entertainment. Being able to watch porn so up close is the best kind of mind fuck. For me, VR porn is best when it isn’t the only way you watch. I get burned out on it when I watch it every day and it starts lessening my enjoyment of other types of porn. I find that a few times a week is the best way for me to get my VR fuck fix. This 51% off discount from Tranz VR is perfect for that.

The scene with South American shemale, Caroline Martins, is easily one of my favorites. Caroline is extremely sexy. She doesn’t have the big balloon tits that some other Tgirls opt for. Instead, she keeps her perky naturals and lets her confidence and sweetness work magic over you.